Capture (and Keep)
the Technical InfoSec Professional's Attention

In this free webinar, Randy shares specific recommendations on how to craft and execute each element of a webinar targeted at this demographics. There is no sales pitch.

Marketing Opportunities, formerly known as is an Internet community and web property of Monterey Technology Group, Inc. devoted to spreading knowledge and understanding of information security with exclusive content from publisher Randy Franklin Smith.

Randy Franklin Smith personally writes the content at and directly presents every webinar.  Randy takes time to personally learn about your product before collaborating with you to determine a suitable topic that allows us to fulfill 2 equal priorities:

Leverage our influence.

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Dominant words in job titles

  • Security
  • Administrator
  • Compliance
  • Audit
  • Assurance
  • Engineer
  • Manager

The UWS community is 80,000 strong and primarily comprises the technical infosec professional with a special interest in security analytics. 

How did we build such a focused demographic?

For over a decade, security analysts have come to for information they can’t find anywhere else on how to interpret cryptic security logs.

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Our Formula

What Makes Our Webinars Different?

Turnkey Process

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Is webinars all we do?

No, we offer a variety of advertising, lead gen and custom marketing assets that allow you to

  • reach our audience
  • leverage our influence
  • tap in to our knowledge of the infosec market
  • exploit our creativity
  • use our ability to communicate with both business and technical types

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